We never ask for reviews.   Our reviews are genuine.

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Hello and thank you for checking out our website.  I have enjoyed practicing dentistry over the last 20 years very much.  I have also enjoyed being a part of the internet’s power in connecting patients to our practice.  We have met many great individuals and families through various forms of digital media.

Several years ago I received an email from a major search engine website.  I was told my reviews were deleted because they were too old.  I was instructed to begin emailing my customers, asking them to leave reviews on our listing – on their search page of course.

When I call my patients to check up on them the next day,  the last thing I want to do is ask them to leave a review for me or send a robo email asking for a review.

Routinely another major website deletes our positive reviews for no reason.  Their solution?  Enroll with their marketing program and maybe they can help us with our problem.  Sorry.  No thanks.

We do have reviews.   We feel we have earned both the positive and negative reviews.  We try to learn from them all.

What’s my take home message?  Use reviews as part of your decision.  Ask your friend, neighbor or co worker for cross references.   Do some due diligence.

There are companies we can hire that will help us get more positive reviews, but we refuse to go down that path.   Every business seems to have perfect reviews these days.  The review topic is crowded and I’m hoping something new comes along that helps customers and patients screen their decisions better.

Indeed, there was a time reviews were extremely useful. But not as much today in my opinion.   We believe word of mouth research (try some live social media chat rooms)  with review checking is the best way to find what you’re looking for.


Eric Yum DDS